2-star review customer demands Orchard Gateway dessert shop put up apology at store front


Mandy How| February 02, 06:32 PM

By now, Fantasy Desserts -- a dessert shop in Orchard Gateway -- should be a familiar name.

Familiar because they threatened to sue a customer, Celena Ho, and actually followed up by sending her a lawyer's letter, no less:

Now, the customer is demanding that Fantasy Desserts withdraw their cease and desist letter, as well as publish a retraction and apology to be displayed on their social sites and shop front for 14 days:

In case you can't see it:


This follows the fact that Fantasy Desserts has apologised to Ho and the public on their Facebook page:

Ho also demanded the dessert shop make a donation of any amount, as compensation for pain caused, to any charity of the shop's choice and publish the receipt on social media.

The legal terms and conditions used by Ho suggests she might have sought legal counsel.

It is also worth noting that her Facebook profile and original post, which are both accessible to the public at the moment, were previously removed.

And now, people of the Internet await Fantasy Desserts' response.