Man caught on CCTV taking lacy lingerie from Bukit Batok Central HDB corridor

This was his fifth time.

Joshua Lee | February 24, 2018 @ 05:21 am


A lingerie thief has allegedly been caught on CCTV stealing lingerie from outside a HDB unit in Bukit Batok Central.

Watch the video below:

Among the items he allegedly stole were a black bra and a red bra.

The man appeared to be in his 40s, had dark hair and was wearing glasses.

Fifth time stealing lingerie

According to the details in the Facebook post by Li Jian Bin, this was the fifth time the man had stolen lacy lingerie from outside the unit.

He also said that police reports have been made.

Li took matters into his own hands and installed a CCTV camera after the man could not be caught.

Li also mentioned in the comments that, according to the police, there have been similar cases reported in the neighbourhood.

Via Facebook.


Here are some of the responses to the video:

Via Facebook.

“Uncle so unlucky….now he’s famous.”

“Uncle should buy new ones online.”

Via Facebook.

“Uncle! Are those limited edition ones?”

“Maybe he is turned on by the unwashed smell. It’s a kind of uncontrollable mental sickness.”

“Maybe he’s using it to make kopi.”

“Uncle must remember to put on a mask next time. Now that CCTV has captured your face, take care and prepare for the worst.”

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