S’pore florist A Better Florist faces 2nd year in a row of Valentine’s Day flak from furious customers

Their second Valentine's Day, and they aren't much better than last year.

By Fasiha Nazren | February 15, 2018

You might remember A Better Florist, a local company at the receiving end of online fury after messing up hundreds of orders on Valentine’s Day last year.

A Better Florist CEO said florists suck for number of reasons, proceeds to fail flower delivery for V day

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of some current customers, they didn’t appear to have gotten better from last year at all (pun intended).

“Singapore’s Top Rated Flower Delivery Company”

Despite the store calling themselves “Singapore’s Top Rated Flower Delivery Company” with a 4.85 average rating based on reviews left on their website (which we understand have to be approved before being published):

… coupled with the lack of a review section on their Facebook page, angered customers did not hesitate to give a piece of their mind by leaving comments on a couple of their Facebook posts.

Same issues as last year

Here’s why they were complaining — and honestly, they sound quite familiar.

1) Late/no show deliveries

According to A Better Florist’s website, it offers three delivery slots: 9am – 12pm, 12 noon – 3pm, and 3 – 6pm.

However, at least three customers commented with allegations that their recipients didn’t receive their ordered flowers at their selected delivery times:

One showed a screenshot of an email he received from the company, which informed him of the delay:

Here’s a closer look at the email:

Another customer’s comment said he wasn’t able to get through when he tried to call the company’s hotline, and sent emails that went unanswered as well.

He alleged that his flowers were so late in being delivered that his recipient had already knocked off from work:

Now, not everyone was in the same boat — some of A Better Florist’s customers’ recipients did get their bouquets, but they weren’t exactly what their senders had in mind.

2) Flowers sent not true to pictures

Many customers bought one of their “signature” bouquets called The Allison — a flower arrangement made of purple, pink and orange tulips, with white and pale green foliage.

Here’s how the S$128 bouquet is advertised:

And here are pictures sent by two customers in comments:

And note that this guy claims this is his second time being allegedly screwed over:

3) Not-so-fresh flowers

According to their website, A Better Florist “offer(s) the freshest product imaginable at an affordable price”.

But if this customer’s comment and picture — as well as the one directly above, actually — is anything to go by, this grand claim might not always hold true:

Not just on Valentine’s Day

Regrettably, people aren’t just complaining about service lapses on A Better Florist’s part for deliveries on Valentine’s Day.

On Feb. 10, Facebook user Shi Jie Foo commented on a bouquet giveaway post claiming that he did not receive some flowers he had ordered for Feb. 8, despite him making “countless calls” and sending the company at least five emails.

In response, A Better Florist said they had been trying to contact him:

Two customers also complained prior to Valentine’s Day about confusion from an outdated shop front address listing and an unfulfilled delivery. One said he called the customer hotline at 5.45pm and found it was closed — even though, he claims, it closes at 7pm on weekdays.

(Clarification: we checked, it closes at 6:30pm on weekdays)

Mothership has reached out to A Better Florist for comment in response to the customers’ allegations.

Floral screw-ups from last Valentine’s Day:

A Better Florist CEO said florists suck for number of reasons, proceeds to fail flower delivery for V day

Singapore florist Floral Garage ruins Valentine’s Day for at least 200 customers

Top image via A Better Florist’s Facebook page

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