Uncle Philip at NTU KFC outlet attaches special handwritten notes to orders for students

Much effort, awesome service, great day.

Jeanette Tan| January 26, 02:36 PM

This has been going on for some years now, but Nanyang Technological University students who visit KFC on the North Spine have been receiving service with a special touch.

Customers at the KFC outlet would likely know that some of their orders — we're not sure if it's every single one — come attached with a small, but really meaningful surprise from the staff serving them:


These handwritten notes are signed off by a "Philip", and include cute stamps and pleasant well-wishes.


Stickers sometimes, too:



And it's not just from Uncle Philip these come from, actually — there are also folks who have received notes from other staff, like Ashish:


And Amy:


We're not sure why they've been doing this — we've asked folks at KFC, but haven't heard back — but perhaps it's a Western-area KFC thing, since we also saw a Twitter user receiving a nice surprise from KFC's Yew Tee outlet:

But we must admit, Uncle Philip's handwriting is undoubtedly the prettiest:





While the earliest note on Instagram dates Jan. 2016, Uncle Philip is still being as encouraging two years later, in Jan. 2018:

Screenshot courtesy of a reader

Almost makes us want to make the journey all the way down to Pulau NTU to experience it for ourselves.


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