House of Mirrors at free-to-visit Light to Night Festival is your Instagram wet dream

Come awaken your artistic side.

Sponsored | Jonathan Lim | January 23, 2018, 10:25 AM

Where my House of Mirrors be at? Light to Night Festival 2018: Colour Sensations.

Colour Sensa… what? It’s a 10-day art festival in the Civic District happening betweennow till Jan 28.

Oh I’m too old for this newfangled artsy thing.  You’re absolutely wrong. This festival is tailored specifically for ageist people like you. Expect art installations curated for a multi-generational audience with varied interests. You can’t escape.

I’m actually more cultured than that. Then good, there’s literary arts, music and dance at this festival.

Actually I still have no idea what to expect at this art festival, is it inside one gallery or what? The festival sprawls out across the whole Civic District. The free-to-visit festival explores the sensation of colour through the visual, literary and performing art forms, and transforms major cultural institutions and parks into spectacular works of art. If you can’t visualise, here’s some help:

Trip to the Colourscape by Nipek

One or Several Tigers by Ho Tzu Nyen

I clicked on this article for the House of Mirrors, where is it? You can find it on the Empress Lawn. Try not to lose yourself in this house-sized kaleidoscope where it “turns your reflection into many things: shadow, ghost, stranger or constant companion.” Ooh. #OOTD max please.


What other art installations can I feed to the Instagram gods? There's this yuuuuuuge interactive canvas:

What lies. How is this interactive? Isn’t it just light projected on a building? Ahah! But it is my friend. Welcome to Chromascope - an interactive projection on the Gallery’s façade. Festival-goers are invited to participate by stepping on stomping pads and transform the façade into a visual work of art. This is the most meaningful kind of stomping you can do in Singapore.

Ok what else besides the gloriously ginormous interactive canvas? Spend one minute to watch this, it's really pretty:

What if I’m truly basic and only understand something simple like food? Can’t nourish the soul if you’re starving for real food. Don’t worry the festival has you covered. The Padang will have over 80 food & craft stalls and you’re encouraged to bring your own picnic mat to eat under the stars and enjoy the art installations unfold right in front of you on the facade of the National Gallery Singapore. Sweet.

I’m sorry, but where in the heck is the Civic District? It’s ok, nobody really knows. Actually we do know. Here’s a picture to give you a general idea of the places with activities:

The golden question: Free? The festival is free to enter, but some exhibits like the House Of Mirrors will have an entry fee. For more details click here for the festival deets.


Tip: Enjoy complimentary admission to all exhibitions including special exhibition Century of Light at National Gallery Singapore over this weekend (26 – 28 Jan 2018)!


This sponsored article is in collaboration with the National Gallery Singapore who put in inordinate amounts of hard work to bring this festival for you. Go forth and Insta the sh*t out of it.