S'pore eatery selling bouquet of fried chicken & waffles at S$38 for Valentine's Day

Cheaper than a flower bouquet. Can eat, too.

Mandy How | January 26, 2018, 12:35 PM

Fried chicken and chicken nuggets — especially in bouquets — seems to be an increasingly plausible replacement for the traditional flower these days.

And as it happens, The Beast is selling Chicken & Cornbread Waffle bouquets at S$38+ each.

The bouquet consists of six pieces of southern fried chicken and cornbread waffles, decorated with baby's breath and phoenix gold.

And if it's important that your bouquet should be more than good-looking, the chicken is brined for 24 hours (which makes it more tender) before being battered and deep fried.


Additionally, the cornbread waffles are adapted from their freshly-baked cornbread, which makes it a lighter version of the moist, cake-like texture of the dish.

For those who are curious, Chicken & Waffles go for S$20++ on their menu.

Choose from three different Valentine's Day gift tags when ordering:

1. I'm so CLUCKY to have you

2. I CLUCKING love you

3. You are imPECKable

These are fixed and non-customisable, though.

Orders have to be placed at least three days in advance on their website, and collection will be at their outlet.

Where to go:

17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329

When to go:

Mon to Wed, 5.00pm - 12 Midnight

Thurs to Fri, 5.00pm - 1am

Sat to Sun, 11am - 12 Midnight

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Top photo courtesy of The Beast.