After getting ignored on Tinder, S’pore male spam-texts female match, calling her “ugly fatass pig”


By Mandy How | January 16, 2018

Tinder seems to be a hotspot for sore rejects lately — and at least one member of the male species is definitely adding to this troubling trend.

After being ignored by a girl he matched with, a Tinder user with the initials “YX” repeatedly abused her over texts, calling her a “b*tch” and “ugly”, in addition to declaring she should be grateful he swiped right on her.

A friend of the girl then shared screenshots from their conversation on Facebook, but the post has since been taken down (we’ve reproduced redacted screenshots below):

The screenshots added to the Facebook post are also appended below, but they don’t include his alleged offer of sex.

Nonetheless, their interaction pretty much went downhill from the get-go:

We would take “potato” as a compliment, to be honest.

The girl didn’t seem all that upset, however:

Honestly, this makes us laugh too:


And he even brings in Satan:

And a flood of gifs, perhaps because inspiration left him after awhile:

And for some reason, “ugly” seems to be worst insult he can think of.

Seemingly dissatisfied with using just Satan, he decided God had to get involved too:

And finally, it ends:

The user also appended YX’s Tinder profile, which we’ve censored, in the hopes of deterring other women from swiping right:

… Sure.

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