Wise student in S’pore forgets textbook, requests Carouseller to send photos of pages 244-246

If only we had Carousell, or half of his wits, back in the day.

Guan Zhen Tan | January 16, 2018 @ 09:40 am


It’s not everyday you get a good Carousell experience.

Paltry prices offered by lowballers prospective customers and dealing with troublesome sellers are just some of the problems that occur on the marketplace platform.

However, one seller Syazwana, who went by the Twitter handle @nrsyazwana_, had a particularly unusual experience which turned out to be surprisingly wholesome.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Syazwana received messages one night from a someone who looks like a kid.

The kid, most likely a boy, confessed that he was messaging her not to buy the Social Studies textbook she had put on sale for S$2, but instead out of sheer desperation.

More specifically, he needed to access pages 244 to 246 because the boy had left his textbook in school and was “despo” to, perhaps, study for a test or finish his homework.

At this point, some Carousellers might shoo him away, but not Syazwana, who graciously helped the boy out.

Screenshot via nrsyazwana_’s tweet
Screenshot via nrsyazwana_’s tweet

Another screenshot of their conversation uploaded by Syazwana revealed the kid’s sticky situation.

He essentially couldn’t ask his friends for help as they had fallen asleep, leaving him with essentially no other way to get the textbook information he needed.

In his desperation, he came up with the brilliant idea of utilising Carousell to find people who actually have the textbook to send him the pages he needed.

Well, considering Carousell buyers and sellers having experienced their fair share of weird requests, this is par for the course, but still, very smart.

Screenshot via nrsyazwana_’s tweet

Now, should he have run into anyone else he might have been met with rejection, but by sheer luck and fate, he found a kind Carouseller who was willing to help him out.

Who knows, maybe his quick-thinking and luck will help him ace his exams in the near future — first Twitter stardom, then top student, eventually Singapore’s top baller.

But before all that, please remember to bring your textbooks home.

Top image via nrsyazwana_’s tweet

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