3 weeks after launch, BlueSG cars suffering similar fate as dockless bicycles


By Fasiha Nazren | January 2, 2018

BlueSG, the first electric car-sharing company in Singapore, launched its fleet of vehicles to some fanfare on Dec. 12, 2017.

BlueSG electric car-sharing to launch in S’pore in Dec. 2017

But it seems like it has been suffering a similar fate as the dockless mass-sharing bicycles in Singapore.

Damages in less than a month

On Dec. 31, 2017, a set of photos uploaded on a community Facebook page, showed two damaged Bluecars (that’s the name of the electric car, by the way) parked right next to one another.

This car, for example, has a broken front car plate.

via Minghui Ming’s Facebook submission

If you look closely, you could see a dent on the front of the car too.

via Minghui Ming’s Facebook submission

Meanwhile, the car right beside it has a noticeable black mark on the left side of its front bumper.

via Minghui Ming’s Facebook submission

There is also a dust mark that reads “HEY FAULTY!!!”, probably written by a frustrated BlueSG user.

via Minghui Ming’s Facebook submission

And despite requiring a driver’s license in order to sign up for the car-sharing service, it seems like somebody lacks some parking skills.

Photo via Ken Tan

Towed away

On the same day, another post was uploaded on Singapore Taxi Driver showing a Bluecar being towed away.

via Paul Chua’s Facebook submission

Bear in mind, this car-sharing service was only introduced barely three weeks ago.

Dirty interior

Even online video network Clicknetwork’s Hype Hunters wasn’t spared the careless usage of Bluecars.

In a video uploaded on Dec. 21, 2017, the hosts for Hype Hunters seemed aghast to have unlocked a Bluecar that had dried grass and mud on the carpet and leather seats.

Screenshot via Clicknetwork’s video
Screenshot via Clicknetwork’s video

The filth was believed to have been left by the previous user of the shared car.

BlueSG actions

Speaking to Mothership, a BlueSG spokesperson told us the following:

“The usual procedure for such cases, will be the customer to contact our call centre via the Blue Button in the car or through mobile phone.

And our call centre will arrange the car to be towed away or we will send technicians down for the repair if it is a minor issue.

At the same time, the customer will be assigned to another available Blue car to use (if they have made a booking on a damaged car).

If the damage of Bluecar is not reported by the user, we will then trace and track on who did the damage.”

It is also mentioned on their website that if a car is abandoned or towed, the user will be charged a fee for associated administrative costs.

Any ticket or legal infraction that causes a fine is the responsibility of the driver when that event occurs. Charges are added to your bill if not paid at the time of the incident. If a car is abandoned or towed, the user is charged a fee for associated administrative costs and retrieval of the vehicle.

Until then, do Singaporeans really deserve such nice things like electric car-sharing and bicycle-sharing services?

Top image via Paul Chua and Minghui Ming

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