Couple in S'pore dumps oBikes into drain like they are teaching them a lesson


Belmont Lay | November 21, 2017, 12:46 PM

A couple has been caught on camera dumping a pair of oBikes into the drain.

The location appears to be at Lower Delta Road.


After the couple dumps both bikes into the drain, they casually walk away.

The video caption reads: "Even if other people park their bicycles carelessly, do they need to resort to this sort of behaviour?"

Reactions to the 13-second video are unanimously of outrage and disapproval, mostly expressed in Chinese.


Probably the bikes were blocking the way!

But there's no reason to do this! This bikes are for the public to use. These people are spoilt.

How infuriating!

Can't they move aside.


In response to queries by, oBike co-founder Edward Chen, said:

“oBike is aware of the video that is currently circulating online and can verify that the bicycles in the video belong to us. It is evident that the perpetrators have damaged our bikes maliciously and we strongly condemn their behaviour. Our operations teams are working closely with the police to identify those responsible.

oBike was created with the mission to provide a convenient, environmentally-friendly mode of transportation in Singapore and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage civic-mindedness among riders so as to create a pleasant experience for all.”