Man, allegedly staying in Yishun, videos himself telling StarHub staff to 'F*ck off' from his door

His post has been removed.

Mandy How | December 04, 2017, 03:02 PM

Most of us are not fond of salespeople knocking on our doors. But most of us turn them down civilly enough. Or not open the door.

However, one HDB flat resident, Desmond Koh, who is staying in Yishun, not only very rudely told a StarHub staff to "F*ck off", but even filmed the entire exchange and uploaded it on his own Facebook page.

"F*ck off, okay?"

This is the video, which has since been removed (Identity of personnel in StarHub shirt censored by us):

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

What the video showed

The 41-second long video starts with the StarHub staff approaching the resident's door.

He explained that he was there to "check on home internet services" .

Koh then asks: "So you go around knocking people's door lah?"

The staff affirmed that he's from the residential team.

At this point, Koh replied: "I don't appreciate that."

The staff nodded and said: "Oh sure, no problem", as he prepared to leave.

But this was when Koh said: "F*ck off, okay?"

Even though taken aback, the staff did not retaliate, but responded with "Sure" and walked away.

Koh continues to film the staff as he stands along the corridor to use his phone.



The video was shared 750 times and attracted hundreds of comments within a couple of hours before it was removed.

Responses to the video criticised Koh, who then responded:

Strangely enough, people have also managed to find and reveal Koh's address in Yishun, which he acknowledged as accurate (?!):


[Update at 5.48pm: StarHub has responded with the following statement:

“We commend the staff of our authorised channel sales partner for remaining calm in spite of the verbal abuse he faced. While customer satisfaction is our priority, we also respect and value the well-being of our staff and that of our partner agents. We do not condone aggressive or abusive behaviour and where needed, we will seek police assistance to protect our staff from unjustified aggression and abuse.”

- Ms Yvonne Lee, Head of Consumer & Channel Sales, StarHub]

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