World’s 1st suspended playground coming to City Square Mall with 3D net maze, slides between levels

That escalated quickly.

Mandy How | December 22, 2017 @ 12:06 pm


If you can’t afford a fancy house with slides from floor to floor, then the world’s first suspended playground coming to City Square Mall at Farrer Park should be exciting news (if you can afford such a house I suppose you can stop reading this article).

In case you can’t see the photos:

Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur
Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur
Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur
Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur

The attraction, called AIRZONE, will have different themed zones that will occupy the atrium of the mall, as well as the spaces from level three to level six.

Level three will feature a suspended ball pit, bouncy balls and giant zorb balls (think bumper cars but with giant balls instead).

Level four will be a Games and Activity Zone, which is a free roaming area where you’ll be able to play games such as dodgeball in. It can also be cleared to host mini events. 

Level five is the Maze Zone, while level six to five is where the slide is situated.

Here’s a 360-degree look at the structure:

For those worried about safety, AIRZONE says the anchors holding the playground in place are strong enough for a car to be suspended from it.

There is also a limit of 20 people per level, which means the attraction can hold a total of 60 people at any one time (level six is just a slide).

The catch is, you’ll have to pay to play in the area.

Pricing and session times have yet to be released, but the feature is slated to open in the first quarter of 2018.

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Top image from Twitter user @xavierlur

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