Apple iOS 11.2 released 3 days early to fix iOS 11.1.2 glitch

The best solution is not to be the first to update the iOS.

By Belmont Lay | December 3, 2017

Ever since it launched in September, Apple’s iOS 11 has been riddled with problems.

On Dec. 2, at 12.15am, a notifications bug sent iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 into a constant cycle of crashing and rebooting.

Apple was forced to issue an immediate update.

The company also had to release a how-to guide on its website on getting around the issue.

Early release of update

Apple has moved quickly to fix the bug, breaking usual precedent by releasing iOS 11.2 on Saturday.

This is three days earlier than its regular Tuesday release schedule.

Not all devices encountered the issue though.

But to install the update, users need to get past all the crashing.

They’ll have to go into their settings menu and turn off “Allow notifications” for each application that might be affected.

A quicker fix might be to simply turn back the device’s internal clock, but this is not recommended as it can lead to other problems.

The bug appears to cause iOS 11’s local notifications service to consume massive amounts of memory, crashing “springboard, the iPhone and iPad windowing manager”.

The bug occurred while using any third-party app that has local notifications with repeating settings.

This means any app that doesn’t rely on a server in order to notify the user, or any other apps that use notifications that work on airplane mode.

iOS 11.2

While iOS 11.2 fixes the local notifications bug, it also introduces a number of new features.

This includes a brand new peer-to-peer payments service Apple Pay Cash and wireless fast-charging modes for iPhone X and iPhone 8 lines.

Apple users have every right to be losing patience.

The iOS 11.1.2 was originally intended to fix a bug that turned off iPhone X screens in the cold, which itself followed a prior 11.1.1 update intended to take care of an auto-correct error.

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