Hmm… Halimah Yacob’s logo looks a lot like Honour Singapore’s logo

Same colour as Kpop boyband ShinHwa fan club too.

By Tan Xing Qi | September 13, 2017

President-elect Halimah Yacob’s supporters not only turned up this morning (Sept 13) but also produced some official merchandise.

Like this one:

Photo by Ilene Fong

She was everywhere. Check out the umbrellas, shirts, badges and even the tentage:

Wait a minute.

If you also find her logo familiar, this might be why you are feeling a bit of a déjà vu.

Her logo is similar to Honour Singapore‘s logo:

Photo from Honour Singapore Facebook page

And that’s not all.

Even the colour of her logo triggered a response from one Kpop fan of Shinhwa, a famous Korean boyband with Orange as their fan club colour:

Screenshot from Mothership Twitter

This is Shinhwa fan club’s logo:

Screenshot from Shinhwa Fan Cafe

Well, to be fair, orange is not a patented colour. In the local context, orange also means racial and religious harmony.

Anyway, our president-elect was indeed swarmed by supporters.

Exactly like a K-pop star.

Top photo collage from Mothership Twitter and Honour Singapore 

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