M1 & StarHub offering unlimited mobile data. M1 is better.

Go for M1. Cheaper.

By Belmont Lay | August 30, 2017

M1 and StarHub have unveiled new mobile plans featuring unlimited mobile data for subscribers.

Customers can sign up for the new plans from Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017, which coincides with the start of Comex 2017.

But as we all know, there is no such thing as coincidence in telco price wars and politics.

So, here’s how M1 and StarHub compare in this latest battle for subscribers:


M1 on Wednesday announced that its latest SIM-only plan (phoneless plans) comes with unlimited data.

Pros: Unlimited data for S$98 per month
Cons: 12-month contract and network can be patchy at certain areas in Singapore

For heavy mobile data users: If you still want to be realistic about your usage, at S$50 for 30GB data, it works out to S$1.67 per GB. Cheap.


StarHub has five new plans where subscribers get free unlimited local data but only on weekends — from 12am on Saturdays to 11.59pm on Sundays.

Pros: No contract SIM-only plans available, and all plans come with unlimited data usage on weekends.
Cons: Cheapest plan, counted on a per-gigabyte basis, is still S$54 per month.

For heavy mobile data users: Go for no-contract SIM-only L plan and opt for DataJump. Makes more sense.

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