Hawker centre cleaning aunty politely shuts down people who refuse to clear their own trays

Guilty as charged? You're about to be schooled.

Mandy How | August 15, 2017, 06:05 PM

Hawker centre cleaners often get taken for granted, to the extent of almost being deliberately ignored, by patrons.

We think that cleaning the tables is their job, and seldom spare a thought, much less any action (not making a mess when dining or clearing our own trays, for example), to make it easier for the elderly working at it.

Here's a common argument that we have surely heard before (or even recite as adage):

Makes sense, right?


In a video uploaded by the Singapore Kindness Movement, 67-year-old Tan Huan Ah, who used to run a small tzechar stall at a hawker centre herself, debunks that, and another convenient excuse people give — that cleaners will lose their jobs if everyone cleared their own dishes and trays:

Thankfully, says Tan, there are younger hawker centre patrons who are happy to carry their trays to the collection areas.

But it always makes her day, she adds.

You can watch the full clip here:

Do you thank auntie/uncle or clear your own table? :)

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Top photo: screenshots from video