Fish & Co. thanks NSmen for blood, sweat & tears with discounts on weekdays only


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 01, 2017, 12:12 PM

This year is NS50 and companies are jumping at the chance to show our army boys their respect.

To mark this event, there have been items, such as this limited edition G-Shock watch.

And that watch would be incredibly useful in watching the following offer fly by as your encik threatens to cut your weekend short for an unmade bed or something.

Here's the offer by Fish & Co.:

50 percent off the second main course.

Which sounds great.

Until you see the availability of the offer.

It's only valid from Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays till 5pm.

Which is weird because the only segment of society that would definitely have issues with making these timings are the same group of people whose blood, sweat, and tears Fish & Co. really wanted to recognise.

And that timing issue was not lost on the many commenters on its Facebook post.



Their marketing flaw was pointed out almost immediately.

With others taking barrage at the lack of recognition for other NSF vocations.

Some even took offence at their over the top poster.

But perhaps the most damning part was Fish & Co. didn't appear to understand why so many people expressed discontent with the offer.

Which prompted this very understandable response.


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All images from Fish & Co's Facebook