Michelle Chong’s FB post about S’poreans lack of pride in their work goes viral, provokes debate on importance of pride


By Nyi Nyi Thet | July 24, 2017

Michelle Chong might be known more for her comedic turns on shows such as The Noose.

But her Facebook post on July 22 discussing what she felt S’poreans lacked provoked more nervous collar tugging than hearty laughs.

Here it is.

In case you can’t read it.

I honestly think Singapore would be a better place if people really just take pride in their work. I think we have so much potential to be special, to set trends, to be leaders, to be extremely good at something. We have a high literacy rate and are fairly bilingual and well-travelled. We have access to information and resources and we don’t have to worry about civil wars, famines, natural disasters, guns, drugs, political unrest and homelessness (majority of us anyway).

But I am starting to think and feel that people here generally don’t care about what they do, which is something I don’t understand.

If they don’t take ownership or have any pride in their work and just have a “pass up homework” heck care attitude, how do they get any enjoyment or fulfilment out of their jobs?

Won’t they just be miserable all the time?

Because It’s not really about the money is it? Monetary rewards are great and all, but I know I get fulfilment when audiences love what we create for them. Likewise, I get very upset when things go wrong (especially when they didn’t have to) and we constantly try to improve.

In the past year, I’ve had a post-house ruin my production at the last stage, causing it to have sound distortion and the colours all washed-out at the media screening.

Luckily the content saved it from being bashed. I also had a ID company who left me tiles that could be peeled off from the wall and a constant sewage stench because they didn’t bother to seal up the pipes, amongst other shoddy work.

In the course of my work, I experience and come across many instances where people really just don’t care about what they do.

They don’t check their work, don’t care about how it turns out, don’t take that extra step to value-add or think about how to make it better, don’t want to improve etc. It’s a “why should I bother? It’s not like I’m getting paid very much for this job” or “please lah it’s just a job right?” or “do extra for what? I’m still getting the same salary right?” attitude. I’m not saying we don’t or can’t make mistakes, but maybe just have a little more pride in what we do?

And there were many who agreed, with some even providing relevant anecdotes.

Others provided reasons why they felt there might be a dearth in pride for the average Singaporean worker.

The best response though came from this intrepid insurance agent who somehow brilliantly pivoted his comment into an advertisement for himself.

And Chong approves as well.

This one really champioern.


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