Authentic Ah Beng foodie is new go-to food reviewer for S’poreans

Level up your Hokkien.

By Mandy How | July 25, 2017

Everyone can be a food blogger. But not everyone can be an Ah Beng food blogger.

Ah Beng Foodie provides a variety of recommendations, from local food to cafe grub. Plus, he writes with the candour of a lusty beng, and in perfect Singlish.

Take, for example, his review on an XO durian:

First mouth sibei bitter. Then slowly, as the meat melt into a silky form, the brandy flavour inside unlock. The whole process is so seductive machiam some sexy lady undressing into her swimwear. Once the bitter brandy flavour exudes from the flesh within, there comes a sharp piercing sweetness. Finally leaving a spicy xo after-taste”

Here’s his full post, which includes reviews on other types of durians:

Veering away from mainstream influences to reveal random finds in hawkers and kopitiams, we would say an Ah Beng foodie recommendation is a good bet for your next meal.

This S$5.50 rice bowl of black pepper beef and onsen egg, he claims, is the best choice he has ever made in his life apart from choosing not to study in JC.

Here’s the full post, for those who want to find out where it is:

Granted, his pictures are not as pretty as professional food bloggers with cameras worth about the GDP of a small country, but you can depend on him to to use less of cliches like “party in my mouth”. Eep.


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