Presidential hopeful Second Chance CEO Salleh Marican struggles to speak Malay

Can give him second chance?

Belmont Lay | June 07, 2017, 03:05 AM

Mohamed Salleh Marican, the chief executive officer of Second Chance Properties, has thrown his name into the hat and stated his intentions to run for the upcoming Presidential Election in Singapore.

Whether the 62-year-old eventually qualifies as a candidate will be up to the discretion of the Presidential Electoral Committee (PEC).

This is so as the tightened criteria for candidacy will require those contesting, who have private-sector experience, to have a company with at least S$500 million shareholder equity.

Salleh's company’s shareholder equity registered between S$254.3 million and S$263.25 million over the last three financial years and does not automatically qualify -- although his credentials look solid on paper.

Collecting the application forms on Monday morning, June 5, Salleh said he is “optimistic” that he can convince the PEC he is a deserving candidate, adding that he “can’t be worried if he will fail” before he starts.

He also revealed he has already gone about recruiting people for his campaign.

However, a video has emerged online and shared on social media showing Salleh struggling to speak Bahasa Melayu, demonstrating he probably needs to do a more convincing job in the days ahead.

You can check out the video clip here:


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