Facebook, Google & Uber requested permission from police to take part in Pink Dot. Rejected.

10 of the biggest multinational corporations in the world declined.

By Belmont Lay | June 16, 2017

A group of 10 foreign companies, including Facebook, Google and Uber, wrote to the Singapore police licensing division to seek permission to provide modest financial and/or in-kind support for the Pink Dot event this year.

The companies listed three conditions for participating in the event in a letter dated June 9:

1. They would not be individually listed or recognised as official sponsors;

2. Their names and logos would not be on official event collaterals;

3. And there would be no foreign representatives from the companies speaking at the event.

Their application has been rejected.

According to Today, the Ministry of Home Affairs said the government’s position is consistent: Foreign entities should not fund, support, or influence domestic events touching on political issues or controversial social issues with political overtones.

Changes to the Public Order Act from Nov. 1 last year means that foreign companies cannot sponsor the event.

These restrictions apply to events organised to support or oppose any cause.

This year’s edition will be held on July 1 at Hong Lim Park.

Pink Dot organisers were aware of the intention by past foreign sponsors to appeal against the ban but were unaware that the companies were issuing a letter of appeal.

According to the letter, the basis of the companies’ support of Pink Dot is in line with policies on diversity and inclusion that foster creativity and innovation.

The 10 companies are:

Airbnb Singapore Pte Ltd
Apple South Asia Pte Ltd
Facebook Singapore Pte Ltd
Goldman Sachs (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd
NBC Universal
Salesforce.com Singapore Pte Ltd
Twitter Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Uber Singapore Technology Pte Ltd


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