McDonald’s vanilla soft serve has turned yellow and we are freaking out


By Tan Xing Qi |Sponsored Content | June 15, 2017

This is not a drill. I repeat.


Minions from Despicable Me have taken over McDonald’s and will be giving your favourite top-of-mind vanilla ice cream a well-deserved upgrade:

Yes, the new banana-flavoured soft serve will serve as de facto dessert of all desserts for Singaporeans and our collective mind is about to explode.

Like this banana.


Notice that the cone has also become blue. Very Minion-ey.

Even its cousins — the Hot Fudge Sundae and McFlurry — have also gone bananas.

Which calls for a family portrait.

Source via Universal Pictures

Though vanilla is gone (it will be back though)…


But the prospect of holding a Minion clone in our hands is making us very happy.


Other minion-inspired products such as Banana Pie, Minion Potatoes (brand new item btw) and Spicy Chicken McNuggets will also be available during this period.

No, this sponsored post is not fake news. Read more here.

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