ACS boy gets phone confiscated by school, parents sue principal to get it back

That escalated quickly.

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 06, 2017, 05:30 PM

We've all used phones when we perhaps shouldn't be using them.

That goes double for anyone who has ever been in school.

And in some cases, the teacher would see it fit to confiscate the phone.

And in one case, the parents might very well draft a lawyers letter to get it back.

Lawyers vs teachers

According to Wanbao, an ACS student had his phone confiscated on March 20.

The school, after returning him the SIM card, decided to confiscate the phone for 3 months.

This lead to emails sent by the boy's parents urging the school to return his phone.

That apparently didn't yield anything major, which lead to this current development.

The parents appointed a law firm to issue a letter of demand to the school.

Which the school promptly ignored as well.

And thus, the parents have seen fit to take the issue all the way to court, applying for an injuction seeking the court to compel the school to return the phone.



H/T: Wanbao


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