NSP Secretary General Lim Tean quits party suddenly

He will use other platforms and innovative methods to speak out for Singaporeans.

Chan Cheow Pong | May 22, 2017, 12:14 PM

The National Solidarity Party Secretary General Lim Tean has announced that he is quitting the party, after less than two years in the post.

He posted his resignation letter to party president Sebastian Teo on his facebook, citing fundamental differences in the "approach to politics".

Water Price Hikes and Elected Presidency

The issues that he cited in his letter include their differences over the responses to water price hikes and the Elected Presidency.

The turning point for me was over the issue of the 30% water hike last March. It was an issue I felt passionately about, and on which I gave a speech at Speakers Corner. It was an issue that troubled most Singaporeans and one that I thought the NSP would wholeheartedly embrace.

I was therefore surprised to learn that elements in the party disapproved of me taking part in the event. I am proud of that speech which has reached over a quarter of a million people, far far surpassing any post which the NSP has ever put out.

Another issue over which I have had great differences with the party is over the Elected Presidency. This is one of the greatest Constitutional matters of our time, but again the party chose to remain silent.

I eschew the type of politics where people, especially politicians, are frightened to speak up because of personal considerations. To me that is a complete dereliction of one’s duty.

He said he will "use other platforms and innovative methods" to speak out for Singaporeans.

Lost in Tampines GRC in GE 2015

52 year old legal consultant Lim was appointed as NSP's Secretary General in August 2015, after then-acting secretary-general Hazel Poa quit the party after a U-turn decision to contest the single-seat MacPherson in GE 2015.

He had contested in Tampines GRC in a five-man team and lost to the PAP, garnering 27.93% of the votes.

Top photo from Lim Tean's Facebook

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