Golden Mile Complex called an ‘architectural & cultural marvel’ in documentary

Better than “vertical slum” and “national disgrace”.

By Henedick Chng | May 6, 2017

Golden Mile Complex has a reputation for being seedy and, in the words of Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Ivan Png in 2006, a “vertical slum” and “national disgrace”.

But look past its image, which in fact exudes a lot of street cred, one will find a Thai enclave with good food housed within a unique building designed in the Brutalist architectural style.

Following our article below published in November 2016, on Golden Mile Complex’s Brutalist architecture, YouTube channel Techno Gadgets made a short documentary video on Golden Mile.

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Calling Golden Mile an “architectural and cultural marvel”, the video contains some nice shots of the building externally and internally.

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video. 

Screenshot from video.

Some of the internal shots of the building were captured by a hobbyist photographer named Graham, who is also featured in the video. He used an analogue film camera, which was made around the same time Golden Mile was constructed to photograph the building.

Here are some of his shots of the internal parts of the building:

Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video. 
Screenshot from video.

Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video 

The video also features an anonymous resident sharing her memories on what Golden Mile is like.

Among the interesting things she mentioned in a wistful tone is that Golden Mile used to be associated with Thais, but that there aren’t as many Thai foreign workers at Golden Mile compared to the past. According to her, more Singaporeans visit the place now than Thais.

Techno Gadgets’ full video, which is worth a watch, can be viewed here.


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Top image from video

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