Woman who complained about maggots in sausage bun takes down Facebook post

But Four Leaves, despite NEA not finding anything wrong, has apologised and stopped selling its sausage-related products.

By Jeanette Tan | April 19, 2017

Ivy Yeo, the woman whose Facebook post with a photo and videos of maggots in a mini sausage bun went viral on Monday and Tuesday, took her post down by Wednesday.

It’s not clear when exactly this happened, but her Facebook page now looks like this:

Screenshot from Ivy Yeo’s Facebook page

And her profile photo is now this:

Photo from Ivy Yeo’s Facebook page

The visible portion of the cut-off text reads, “to some, no comments means repost without permission…to me, means to give time for investigation!”

This happened on the same day The Straits Times carried a response from Four Leaves, the bakery where Yeo bought the mini sausage bun from on Sunday. She shared this information in a comment on her post on Monday evening when asked — she had posted the videos and photo of the maggot-infested bun at about 10pm Monday.

In a statement, Four Leaves director Koji Tanabe reportedly said the bakery has stopped selling all products that use sausages, even as the National Environment Agency said they found no lapses at its Hougang Mall retail outlet.

Four Leaves has a central kitchen on Enterprise Road.

Tanabe reportedly said the bakery is taking a serious view of the matter, and is conducting an investigation with its suppliers and NEA.

He also stated that all Four Leaves buns are baked on the same day, with unsold ones donated or thrown away at the end of each baking day. This was confirmed by NEA, which conducted a site inspection this week.

Also, Tanabe said Four Leaves has been using the same brand of sausages in their buns for many years, with this being the first time maggots have been found in one.

“Once again, Four Leaves sincerely apologises for this incident,” he reportedly said.

The NEA said it found no evidence of pests, with the premises at the Hougang Mall bakery being “well maintained”. Also, there were no hygiene lapses found in the bakery’s handling or preparation of its sausage buns.


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Top photo via Yelp

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