Woman claims sausage bun from Four Leaves Hougang outlet has white maggots


By Jeanette Tan | April 18, 2017

Four Leaves is a longtime popular bakery in Singapore — positioned as more upscale than your regular HDB neighbourhood auntie-uncle bakery.

According to its website, it started its business in 1981, and now runs 28 outlets across Singapore with a central kitchen in Enterprise Road.

Screenshot from Four Leaves website

Chances are, many of us would have grown up eating bread, pastries and cakes from there too — obviously, therefore, no one would have imagined something like this to happen:

One Four Leaves customer going by the name Ivy Yeo took to Facebook on Monday after 10pm, with photos and video, including the one above, of a mini sausage bun that she says she purchased for her eight-year-old son to eat from the Four Leaves outlet at Hougang Mall.

Photo via Yelp

In a subsequent comment she posted on Monday evening in the thread on her post, she stated she had purchased the bread a day earlier, i.e. on Sunday:

Screenshot from comment thread on Ivy Yeo’s Facebook post

You can read her full post, complete with an additional video of the maggots crawling inside, near the sausage, here:

We’ve gotten in touch with the National Environment Agency, which has oversight over food hygiene, for more information on this case.

Meanwhile, according to an update on Yeo’s Facebook post, the bakery itself has contacted her, and is investigating its own internal processes.


Top photo from Ivy Yeo’s Facebook post

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