Stefanie Sun to sing with fans on China’s music show Come Sing with Me

Mandopop Sun rises again.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 11, 2017 @ 11:57 am

Local singer Stefanie Sun will be making her appearance on China’s music show ‘Come Sing with Me’ Season 2.

In ‘Come Sing with Me’, ordinary people first sing with the participating singers through selected Apps. The singer first pre-record themselves singing parts of the song and pausing in other parts for people to complete the song. Then, participants with the highest numbers of ‘likes’ for their duets will be invited to the show to sing live with the singers again.

Here you see Stefanie Sun pre-recording one of her hits, ‘Mystical’ (神奇):

In the video, you see the same spirited and upbeat Stefanie Sun maintaining a perfect delivery of the song while teaching viewers the dance moves.

No surprise to see comments as such:

“Showcasing her vocal prowess again”

“Why does Stefanie Sun show no signs of aging at all, still so young! Cute >//<"

Yes, it’s like singing karaoke with Stefanie Sun for the first round. *SCREAMS*

And you sing with her, side by side, again for the second time. *FAINTS*

Snippets of her at the live music show were also up on her official Facebook page:

She was also interviewed by Youth.SG recently which showcased her secret talent – whistling through her teeth:

We’ve definitely missed the chance to sing with her, but you can still catch a glimpse of our Mandopop queen on Apr 29 when the episode is out. 🙂

Top photo courtesy of Sun Yan Zi Facebook Page

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