SportSG files police report over the $500,000 FAS donation saga

Things are getting serious.

By Jonathan Lim | April 20, 2017

In a new twist to the saga, SportSG has filed a police report “in respect of suspected misuse of Tiong Bahru Football Club’s funds and a purported attempt by a senior officer of the Club to delay and/or obstruct the completion of audits into the S.League sit-out clubs.”

SportSG did not name the senior officer in question.

Tiong Bahru Football Club’s chairman, Bill Ng, is in the midst of a squabble with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) over a $500,000 donation.

Ng claimed that he had donated the funds to FAS for the development of local football and had no prior knowledge that the money would be used for the Football Management System, an initiative set up by the Asian Footballing Federation (AFF).

FAS secretary, Winston Lee, rebutted this claim, and provided copies of receipts and letters to support Lee’s case that Ng was fully aware of what the donations were about.

SportSG said that it received a letter on Apr. 3 from a “named individual” who alleged that “a senior officer of a Football Club had instigated another Club to delay and/or obstruct the completion of audits” until after FAS Elections with “false reasons”.

It further added that after the media reported on the $500,000 donation saga, it looked into the matter and “received further information” on Apr. 18.”

It revealed that upon further checks on Apr. 18, “other serious questions” were raised over the use of Club funds.

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