S’pore’s very own Mukbang YouTuber trashes UK guy in massive food challenge

She could probably eat her weight in food.

By Olivia Lin | April 17, 2017

You might have seen a video of this Singaporean air stewardess finishing eight bowls of lor mee in one sitting, or even read about our day out with her.

With Mukbang slowly taking over the Internet, it isn’t surprising to see our local online community experience a growth in such eaters.

Enter Peggie Neo, a YouTuber who has been posting videos of her eating feats since last year.

Steadily rising in popularity, the demure lady might be tiny in size, but is big on demolishing mountains of food.

On April 2, she uploaded a video of herself competing against Hungry Ronin, a UK competitive eater, in a massive breakfast challenge.

The challenge consisted of

4 slices of fried bread,
4 slices of toasts,
4 fried eggs,
6 sausages,
6 rashers of bacon,
6 hash browns,
4 black pudding,
plum tomatoes,
beans and

And they had to finish it within 45 minutes.

Sounds crazily impossible right? Watch her destroy it here:

For the first half of the video, it seemed as if Hungry Ronin was going to complete it earlier than our Singaporean Mukbang personality.

But alas, at the 35-minute mark, he allowed himself to slow down, and was eventually defeated by Peggie, who finished it in 38 minutes.

Her pièce de résistance

The unique thing that makes Peggie stand out from the rest is that she integrates art into her Mukbang videos. Almost all of her home-based recordings feature a self-made art piece in the form of a felt cushion, or a beautifully drawn sketch.

Here’s one with salmon and sushi plushies to accompany her sushi platter video:

Screenshot via

And one with both a cake plushie and coloured drawing to match her cake video, in which she she polished off two whole cakes at a go:

Screenshot via

Perhaps her arrival into the world of Mukbang will pave the way for more of such eaters in the local scene.


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