Japanese Mukbang eater wolfs down 10 S’pore chilli crab cup noodles at a go

And this is one of her lower-calorie meals.

By Olivia Lin | April 12, 2017

Mukbang, which started in South Korea in 2010, is an online trend that involves a “host” devouring massive amounts of food while people watch on a streaming platform (either live or recorded).

It is a phenomenon that has gained traction in pop culture over the years, with many YouTube channels attempting to kickstart their own Mukbang series.

One such successful channel is Yuka Kinoshita.

The Japanese lady, who started her YouTube channel in 2014, uploads videos of herself eating crazy amounts of food on a daily basis. From Japanese curry rice to deep fried butter, the meals she chow down usually range from 4,000 to over 10,000 calories.

Just so you know, an average woman is supposed to eat about 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day.

On April 11, the YouTuber uploaded a video of herself slurping down 10 portions of Nissin’s Chili Crab cup noodles.

In it, the cheerful eater described the soup as flavourful and spicy, complemented by a layer of sweetness from the crab and tomato seasoning.

After she was done inhaling the noodles, the YouTube personality even went on to comment that she wished there was rice to go along with the remaining broth.

Still not full from the 10 portions of noodles. Screenshot via video

As with all her videos, she polished off the last spoonful with a wide smile on her face.

How she didn’t double over with a stomachache is a mystery.


Other Singaporean foods

This isn’t the first time Yuka Kinoshita has included local food in her Mukbang videos.

In fact, a quick YouTube search reveals four other Singaporean instant noodles she has tried, with the latest being Myojo’s Mee Poh Dry.

The noodles were sent in by a fellow Singaporean viewer, who even included pictorial instructions on how to cook them, seeing that the YouTuber wouldn’t be able to understand the English words.

Screenshot via video

Yuka Kinoshita returned the thoughtful gesture by recreating the dish with the same toppings shown on its packaging.

100/100. Screenshot via video

Then proceeded to chomp on the king-sized Mee Poh Dry, which totalled 6,028 calories.

Watch the video here:

Definitely an eating monster disguised as a petite Japanese lady.


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Top image via video

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