S’pore Tourism Board pokes back at Criminal Minds’ inaccurate portrayal of S’pore in a “shiok” way


By Joshua Lee | April 21, 2017

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has come up with a sassy response to the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders fiasco.

In case you haven’t heard, the episode Cinderella and the Dragon featured inaccuracies in its portrayal of Singapore – such as a non-existent ‘Singaporean Chinese’ proverb, calling Geylang an ‘overcrowded slum with a thriving underworld’, and misidentifying Gluttons by the Bay as Geylang.

The mistakes were slammed by netizens, and even spawned a 2-part response by local blogger Mr Brown.

Now even STB has stepped in to poke them back:

If you can’t see the embedded post above, we feature some of the photos below:

We also say this view very shiok.

Image via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

This shophouse along Lorong Bachok in Geylang is definitely ‘overcrowded’ with animals.

Photo credit: @rhosecoronado. Image via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

Gluttons by the Bay, not Geylang hor.

Photo credit: @andriyantohalim. Image via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

Kampong Glam – thriving with Malay culture – not just a foodie paradise.

Image via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

Definitely a dark side of Singapore we want to see.

Photo credit: @barrelrower. Image via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

In a statement to Marketing magazine, STB’s director of digital and content Terence Voon stated that STB strives to be ‘agile and creative’ in order to connect with fans.

Creative indeed – thumbs up!

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Top photo via Visit Singapore Facebook page.

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