Which of these 8 Singapore favourites is your spirit instant noodles?

Our love for instant noodles knows no bounds.

Joshua Lee | March 29, 2017, 06:29 PM

Singaporeans really love our instant noodles. From the hardcore champions of Japan to the innovative players from Taiwan/Korea, instant noodles hold a special place in our hearts. If we could be instant noodles, we really would. The question is: which one would we be?

1. The Singaporean Entrepreneur aka Myojo La Ramen Spicy Lobster Hotpot

Image by Joshua Lee.

Support local is your motto, hence you take to Singapore's homegrown instant noodle brand like flavour-enhanced soup mix takes to rehydrated noodles.

Myojo's claims to produce "straight noodles" with "new innovative texture" makes you weaker in the knees than the carrot bits in the bowl, but imbues you with a newfound determination to "upskill" yourself so that you, too, can produce technological wonders such as this.

2. The Dependable Friend aka Nissin Cup Noodles

Image by Joshua Lee.

You are that dependable person who never fails to help cough up taxi fare or are just there to listen to your friend wail over lost love.

Being steady and responsible probably never got you the affections of the main star, but you're happy to stay in the background and be a supportive rock, dishing out comfort via spoons of Black Pepper or Chilli Crab soup.

3. The Foreign Exchange Friend aka Nongshim Kimchi+Cheese 

Image by Joshua Lee.

Just like the waves upon waves of imported East Asian trends (J-Pop, K-Pop anyone?), you are the foreign student who just arrived on our shores, your senses assailed by staccato Singlish and overtly spicy Southeast Asian food.

Everyone wants a piece of you because at certain angles, you bear an uncanny resemblance to Song Joong-ki. Girls and boys alike throw themselves at your feet, waiting to savour the latest to come out of the K-Factory.

However, just like your stay here, your star shines for only a brief moment before the next big thing comes along. It might not be Kimchi+Cheese, but you can be sure your 'fans' would have found a new 'friend'.

4. The Back-To-Basics Dude aka Nissin CQYD

Image by Joshua Lee.

You're the kind who doesn't need that fancy car or that 4-room executive flat. You understand that a good life is made of simple pleasures, and none can be simpler than CQYD's (That's Chu1 Qian2 Yi4 Ding1 — the Hanyu Pinyin name of the brand) Sesame Oil flavour.

While everyone's off chasing whatever is screaming the loudest at the moment, you take comfort in the fact that you've already found what you need in life.

When all the world's done flirting with the ephemeral flavour fads of the moment (we're looking at you, Kimchi Cheese), they'll eventually come crawling back to where you are — sitting with your CQYD Sesame Oil watching the clouds roll by.

5. The Heritage Buff aka Prima Taste Laksa La Mian

Image by Joshua Lee.

Heritage runs through your blood, thick like Sungei Road Laksa. Getting an #authentic feel of the past is crucial to understanding the future. Preserving culture is your endgame and you're ready to present it in little $2.95 packs.

You're no slouch either when it comes to the taste test — the wholegrain version apparently scored top spot in The Ramen Rater's Top 10 Instant Noodles of All Time 2016 edition.

6. The CAPSLOCK Keyboard Warrior aka Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen

Image by Joshua Lee.

'Hot' doesn't even begin to describe you - the fiery rabble-rouser that has been known to reduce fully grown men to tears. Your spicy kick hits the gut like a 400-word essay in the comments section of a Straits Times article, in CAPSLOCK no less.

Because why settle for subtlety when that CAPSLOCK BUTTON IS RIGHT THERE WAITING FOR YOUR FINGER TO RELEASE ALL YOUR PENT UP EMOTIONS on issues that no one sought your opinions on.

7. The Forgotten Childhood Friend aka Maggi Mee

Image by Joshua Lee.

Everyone has that one childhood friend we grew up with. However, over time, we drifted apart and now all we have are memories of the aroma of Maggi Mee Kari.

We sometimes flirt with the idea of reconnecting with this old friend but a quick trip to the supermarket quickly douses that when we come face to face with newer (read: more colourful) instant noodles. Sigh.

8. The Everything-Also-Sedap Kawan Kawan aka Indomie Stir Fried Noodles

Image by Joshua Lee.

You're the kawan kawan (friend) whose friends were really skeptical about dry instant noodles when you brought it up.

"What kind of depraved person would take away the soup?!" They wondered out loud, laughing at your enthusiasm.

But then you convinced them to try it, and they did.

And it was good.

So good in fact, that your friends now always turn to you for your sedap (delicious) lobangs (deals). Look who's laughing now.


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