Chinese office lady is expert at DIY meals in the office

Mind-boggling stuff.

Chan Cheow Pong | March 12, 2017, 03:50 PM

From eating hotpot built from a water dispensing machine, making pop corn using a soft drink can, using an iron to grill beef, to frying a pancake on a computer board, a young office lady going by the online moniker "Ye junior in office" (办公室小野) has struck internet fame in China with her novel but bordering on bizarre food preparation antics at work.

Launched on microblogging platform Weibo (微博) in late January, she has garnered nearly half a million fans, entertaining them with jaw-dropping methods about the lengths she will go to make herself a good meal.

In the eight short clips that have been uploaded so far, the scene is always set in an office in China, and depicts Junior Ye at her desk trying to cook with improvised tools and equipment while her nonchalant colleagues don't even bother to look on.

Despite some critics panning it as a contrived production, the videos have proven to be hits, with views as high as nearly 20 million on Chinese top video blogging app Miaopai (秒拍).

The rise of social media platforms, as well as short-video sharing and live streaming platforms, such as Weibo and Miaopai, have contributed to the emergence of the "Internet celebrities or Wang Hong (网红) economy" in China.

By creating original content on the web and social media, these personalities are able to attract millions of fans while becoming key consumer and opinion influencers.

According to CBN Data, a commercial data company affiliated with Alibaba, the nascent China Internet celebrities economy is set to be worth 58 billion yuan in 2016, more than China's cinema box office in 2015.

Here are some eye-opening examples of how to cook yourself a good meal in office. Not sure if it's advisable to try though:

1. Knitting with instant noodles. (4:53)

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2. Using a soft drink can to make pop-corn. (3:52)

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3. Using the CPU to fry a pancake. (4:59)

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4. Water-dispensing machine as hotpot. (6:04)

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All photos and videos from YouTube