Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh set to play ultra-rich Singaporeans in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

This all-Asian cast is finally shaping up, but got Singlish?

Joshua Lee | March 29, 2017 @ 10:17 am


If you read us frequently, you will notice that we have been following the casting developments on Crazy Rich Asians, the Kevin Kwan novel about ultra rich Singaporeans behaving badly, quite closely.

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Crazy Rich Asians centres on Rachel Chu, a middle-class American-born Chinese who discovers that her Singaporean boyfriend Nick Young hails from a super rich family while on summer vacation in Singapore. Hilarity ensues as Chu is thrown into a world of excess and riches beyond her wildest dreams.

The Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the novel is being directed by Jon M Chu and has gathered buzz for its insistence on featuring an all Asian cast, as mentioned by the director in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Now it’s like the audience is demanding [an all-Asian film], and we can prove that there is a community out there [for the film], and they will come see an Asian male can be the lead, an Asian female doesn’t just have to be the sexy vixen or whatever it may be. We can have all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all ages of Asians, and be entertained.”

To date, the confirmed cast includes Constance Wu (star of American Comedy Fresh Off The Boat) as Rachel Chu, Henry Golding as Nick Young, and Michelle Yeoh as Nick’s controlling mother Eleanor Young.

Henry Golding. Image via.

Golding is currently based in Singapore and Malaysia. He has hosted travel shows such as “Without Boundaries” and “2 Brothers 2 Cities”.

Yeoh is arguably the most famous of the cast right now, having starred in various Hollywood movies and wuxia (martial arts) flicks. While we would have loved to see her play Kerry Chu, Rachel Chu’s mother, the role of Eleanor Young is meatier and would definitely showcase a different side of Yeoh.

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With the cast shaping up quickly, we can’t wait to catch this flick on the silver screen.

Let’s see if Golding and Yeoh will be speaking Singlish, or whether Yeoh will crush her enemies like a cockroach.

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