5 times Constance Wu agrees that she’s perfect for “Crazy Rich Asians”

The 'Fresh Off The Boat' star will do just fine, we reckon.

By Joshua Lee | February 18, 2017

Fans of Crazy Rich Asians — that comedy about top 1 per cent super-rich Singaporeans behaving badly — may be excited to learn that Constance Wu, star of American comedy “Fresh Off The Boat” has been confirmed to play the lead role of Rachel Chu.

Here’s her Facebook post announcing this:

Crazy Rich Asians centres on Chu, a middle-class American-born Chinese who discovers that her Singaporean boyfriend Nick Young hails from a super rich family while on summer vacation in Singapore. Hilarity ensues as Chu is thrown into a world of excess and riches beyond her wildest dreams.

Wu plays an obsessive mother of three boys in a classic Asian-American family in the breakout comedic series “Fresh Off The Boat”, and has been twice-nominated for Television Critics Association and Critics’ Choice Television Awards in the past two years.

Her performance as Jessica Huang, that neurotic, no-nonsense Asian mum hellbent on preserving her family’s Taiwanese heritage in America has also shown the world that she has truckloads of comedic talent.

In case you don’t watch the show, here’s an excerpt of her with her on-screen husband:

In November last year, Warner Bros issued a casting call for Asian actors to play the lead roles and we’ve set our hearts on the ideal people we would like to see on the screen. Honestly, we would like to see a Singaporean actor on screen as Rachel Chu, but the choice of Wu seems great too.

This is her telling you she should play Rachel Chu:

So guess who’s going to slay the role of Rachel Chu?


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