Kranji Secondary School football team beats NUS High 22-0. This is not a typo.

Always stop at 18.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 19, 2017, 03:08 PM

Have you ever played a football game on easy, and found yourself scoring like 7, or 8 goals, and felt it was getting a bit unrealistic?

Keep that in mind while reading this article.

Red Sports SG is a sports website that does great work covering secondary school sports in Singapore.

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They usually post updated scores throughout the day on their various social media accounts.

For example, this succinct summary of a football match between Nan Hua High and Greenridge.

nus high6

The match saw Nan Hua triumphing 4-2.

Now, here is the significantly sparser Facebook post detailing a game between Kranji and NUS High.

nus high 5

Yup, we made sure to check. This isn't a typo of a 2-0 victory by Kranji, or a 2-2 draw.

Kranji scored 22 (twenty two) goals.

For context, the highest you can go without busting in Blackjack is 21.

This was the general tone of the reactions online:

nus high comments 2

nus high comments 3

nus high book

This might be a bit of a setback for the NUS High players, but we have no doubt they will bounce back.

Just look at their football team's motto.

nus high motto

Never give up.

An article that might come in handy if you have aging parents:

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All images from Red Sports, and Kranji Secondary School's Facebook

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