If you want to rent a boyfriend this CNY, this guy is candidate No. 1

Brawn? Check.

Mandy How | Jonathan Lim | January 24, 2017, 03:55 PM

If you're still not up to date with things: renting boyfriends for Chinese New Year is now a thing.

If none of the listings thus far have elicited any interest in you, this new candidate might just be your next arm candy this coming Chinese New Year.

Meet Bill Tan who just raised the bar for rent-a-boyfriend profiles:

In case you couldn't read the posting clearly:

chinese new year boyfriend rental available

PM me for schedule

My rates are:

$88 per day

$1888 entire cny

21 years old


Used to have a six pack, now parents love me cause Im Buddha looking good.


- ex national rower

- rugby player

- DJ

- studied in Australia (6 years)

- studied in Anglo-Chinese school

- currently in university pursuing my bachelor in business

- well spoken in English and Cantonese

- they call me the auntie slayer for a reason. I make them smile.

- able to help you ninja away from annoying relative

- physically and mentally superior to your ex

- 3/10 appearance rating according to my friend

- 10/10 appearance rating according to my mum

- lived in Australia for 6 year so I can pull off as an ABC (Australian Born Chinese)

- can cook 4 mins noodle in 3 mins

- able to finish food that the elders put on your plate

** dog available for rental (extra charges apply)


things i cannot do

- eat seafood

- speak fluent Chinese

- run

- parallel park

- cannot help you defend cockroaches

- cannot eat full vegetarian meals


Different personas I'm willing to pull off

- any avenger hero

- any Disney prince (or princess)

- billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years

- bear grylls kind of guy

- a guy who has 5 months to live (so you can have an excuse after CNY)

PS I won't say no to angbao

For more photos, add me on Instagram: billytanny


We're definitely for cooking four-minute noodles in three minutes, but $1,888 for the entire CNY (15 days) amounts to $125.87 a day, which is actually way more expensive than the original $88/day quoted. ?

Or maybe $1,888 includes nights...

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