This video about Singaporeans' obsession with food is pretty legit

Which is basically all of us.

Tsiuwen Yeo | October 26, 2016, 10:25 AM

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are foodies. We love our food so much that we go to great lengths to get them.

On our days off, we willingly travel from West to East (easties FTW!), eagerly stand in queues that go on and on, just to get our hands on lip-smacking food. It’s a ritual that goes on week after week. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Being seasoned eaters, we are never easily satisfied with food. We eat our way around the island, painstakingly looking for the best nasi bryani and hokkien noodles. And we are always looking for ways to excite our taste buds.  Even if we have to pay $24.90 for a bowl of prawn noodles.

Which is why this latest video by Guinness spoke volumes to the very depths of our bottomless and food loving Singaporean stomachs souls.

Singaporeans love to queue for a cause.

And our favourite cause other than clothes, freebies and finding out what’s at the end of a queue? Food of course. Although, we must say, none of us are ever so excited when we’re standing in line. We’re mostly sian.

Unless we’re the first in line. Look at this guy. He must have done an imaginary fist pump when that OPEN sign came on. Kiasu-ism pays off.

We love our condiments… not only because they make our food taste better, but also look better.

This is an actual depiction of how Singaporeans react when we see a plate of food that does not look like it’s up to our standards. Because, hey, visual appetite right?

“Hmmmm yes food fina-- eh, why like that uh?”


“Got no choice but to take things into my own hands.”


“Ahh, so much better. Like this then can eat.”


Aww, look at that. He’s eating spaghetti like he would mee rebus or fried beehoon. Classic Singaporean.

We will never cheat on our favourite hawker stall

Singaporeans are loyal foodies. Once we find a place we love, it has our heart (and stomach) for life. We go back time and time again -- even if they move away, we spare no effort hunting it’s new location down.

No matter how hungry we are, we will never sell our souls to another chicken rice stall.

“Heh, sorry uncle, but I have dedicated my appetite for chicken rice to someone else.”


At a buffet, even the most thin-skinned of us will grow nine layers of new skin.

Number one rule at a buffet: always eat your money’s worth.

Number one unspoken rule: always, always, go for food that’s fresh out of the kitchen, not the stale, cold leftovers.


“Is that what I think it is…”

“Oh sh*t it’s piping hot from the kitchen!”


No time to be shy. Just snap it up. Or wallow in regret later when all you have is a cold, soggy piece of tempura.

“Sorry, excuse me, excuse me ah.”


Good job man. But sure anot, take one piece only. We’re pretty sure he was holding back.

And most of all, Singaporeans never, ever compromise on flavour.

Why go for “okay lor”  when you can have the best? Because that’s not how Singaporeans think. We have high standards for everything – government, studies, our Miss Universes, alternative news sites and yes, flavour.

And we will never let our friends subject their tastebuds to anything less than the best too.

Good things must share okay. Always must jio.

“This better be something good…”


“Whaa… what have I been drinking this whole time?”


Look at all the enlightened faces. They’re never going to drink beer the same way again. Once you go beer gao, you never go back. *Cue the fireworks*

Oh, and in case you don’t know what beer gao is…


It’s just the simple act of adding a good dose of Guinness to your usual lager to make it more flavourful. The best way to zhng your ice cold beer.

As much pride as we have in what we believe tastes good, Singaporeans are always game to try anything new. In hopes of reaching a new level of enlightenment for our taste buds.


Cus innovation, no? Cheers to that.

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This sponsored post helps us afford to spare a few extra bucks to settle our beer gao cravings.  Please also remember to enjoy Guinness responsibly.

Top image is a screenshot from Guinness video above.

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