Sinkhole to swallow motorcyclists opens up along Yishun Ave 7: Yishun Thug Life

Just another day in Yishun.

Belmont Lay | October 27, 2016, 05:47 PM

A sinkhole or pothole that looked like it could easily swallow a motorcycle front wheel, opened up on the road along Yishun Ave 7 towards Gambas Ave on Oct. 26, once again highlighting Yishun town's prominence.

It is not known if this hole qualifies as a sinkhole or pothole, but it looks like there is very little functional difference in definition.


A sinkhole can occur when water lines or sewer collapses underground or due to the extraction of groundwater.

They can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed.

Physical alterations to the land surface can also trigger an underground collapse of supporting material, thus causing a sinkhole


A pothole forms when water weakens the soil beneath the pavement, road surface suffers from fatigue and traffic applies a load that stresses the pavement past the breaking point.


See a hole? Report it

According to comments in the Facebook post, the hole in the road was patched up at around 6pm on the day it was discovered.

Some commuters were seen helping to direct traffic, slowing down passing vehicles travelling along that road.

Anyone who sees a sinkhole or pothole in the future, inside or outside of Yishun, are free to report such incidents to the OneService app by the Ministry of National Development.


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