These early bird Pokémon Go players in S'pore have a headstart on you

Early birds get the Pokemon.

Joshua Lee | August 06, 2016, 03:29 PM

In case you've been hibernating, Pokémon Go has arrived on our sunny shore.

As you start your quest to be the very best, like no one ever was, we went out early this morning and afternoon to find some Singapore Pokemon GO players who are already storming the field.


Hakim & Azli, 16

Hakim and Azli started out at 1pm and had caught a a total of 30 plus Pokemon between them.


Rafael & Andy, 16

Singapore pokemon players

Rafael and Andy started at 10am with a Charmander and a Squirtle respectively and had caught about 97 Pokemon between them. Rafael already had three Pokemon which evolved.

Zachary, 16; Gerald, 16; Xiu Choo, 21

singapore pokemon players

Zachary has caught a whooping 241 Pokemon (through not so -ahem- legal means). Gerald has 74 while Xiu Choo has 35. The Pokemon they are looking for are Kabutops, Eevee, and Nidoran.


Yury, 34 & Sonya, 28

singapore pokemon players

This HDB-dwelling Russian couple have caught over 50 Pokemon between them. Yury is looking for a Snorlax while Sonya's favourite Pokemon is her Psyduck.


Chester, 26; Alex, 26; John, 27

Singapore pokemon players

Chester, Alex, and John started playing at 12pm. They have caught close to 80 Pokemon between them. The Pokemon they want the most are Mewtwo and Snorlax.

Adam, 28

Singapore pokemon players

Adam started playing at 10am and has amassed 29 Pokemon so far.


Grace & Gabriel, 24

singapore pokemon players

Grace and Gabriel have been playing for quite awhile. They have over 30 Pokemon between them. Both also started out with Charmanders as their starting Pokemon.


Farhan, 25

Singapore Pokemon players

Farhan started playing at 1pm with a Charmander and have caught four Pokemon so far. He is on the lookout for the legendary Articuno. Also, Farhan has a Charizard Pokemon card on his phone. That's dedication.


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