Gyarados at Blk 401 Hougang Ave 10 brings out Pokémon trainers & Channel 8 crew

Singaporeans standing together, heart-to-heart. T.T

Belmont Lay | August 10, 2016, 02:57 AM

There is nothing that warms the heart more than seeing scores of Singaporeans from all walks of life getting together as one during the country's 51st National Day -- to catch Pokemon.

Absolutely cray-cray scenes were evident on the ground at Blk 401 Hougang Ave 10 playground on Aug. 9, 2016:

Now this is bat shit crazy. #pokemongo #singapore #hougang #instasg

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What lured them there?

Well, some trainers who went down were rewarded with catching Gyarados, considered a relatively prized catch:

Source Source

This playground in Hougang is a Pokestop that had a “lure” placed on it to attract Pokemon.

Word-of-mouth via the Pokémon GO SG Hougang-ers group got around, which drew out the trainers in droves.

The playground in Aljunied GRC has been a hot spot of catching since Aug. 7, as seen from this photo:

And naturally, this brought out the Mediacorp Channel 8 crew because the last time anyone saw so many people congregating in a communal space was probably never -- if you don't count GE2015.

Source: Adeline Loh Source: Adeline Loh


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Top photo via Lim Weixiang & Lim Tong Choon

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