This wedding gatecrash party is so meritocratic it will win you over 69.9%

With you, for you, for angbaos?

Jonathan Lim | July 03, 2016, 12:30 PM

A month ago, Singaporean men let out a collective groan when a group of very fit men raised the bar for wedding gatecrashing:

sparta gate crash Source: Zachary Lee


Just when you thought the pinnacle of gatecrash fashion has been reached, this group took it to another level:

RC banner? Check.

Security officers for Ministerial-level groom? Check.

Orchid Garland? Check.

We wish these brave men best of luck in what seems like Aljunied GRC - one of Workers' Party's stronghold. (Edit: A reader has alerted us that Tai Keng Gardens, which is near Upper Paya Lebar, is actually under Marine Parade GRC.)

When you give angbaos to the bridesmaids for the gatecrashing it must be in the form of GST vouchers, ok?



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