Seven Wedding gate-crashing tips for guys

No, we are not talking about the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie.

Jonathan Lim| November 26, 07:10 AM

Some say that it is a Cantonese tradition - gate-crashing at Chinese weddings has almost become a norm for Singaporeans getting married.

For the uninitiated, gate-crashing in our local context doesn’t mean showing up at a wedding that you weren’t invited to; it means a gauntlet of challenges laid down by the bridesmaids for the groom and groomsmen to complete before allowing them to enter the bride’s home.

Every weekend, men risk bruised egos, embarrassing photo-moments and queasy stomachs just so that their buddy-in-arms are able to see his bride.

There have been no reports of grooms actually being denied entry should they fail the arbitrary challenges, but that doesn’t stop bridesmaids from coming up with ever-weirder challenges for the men.

So how can you conquer this rite of passage of dubious origins without potentially having either parties pissed off or cause awkwardness on the big day? Let’s find out:


1. Look good


When all the groomsmen are decked out in a suit, crisp shirts and pants, we look fierce. When you are fierce, you are confident, and then you can win. Yes. And maybe the bridesmaid will go easy on you.

2. Bring an extra change of clothes


No matter how crisp or starched up your clothes are, Singapore’s sweltering weather will not be your friend and you’ll end up stinking by 9am. A promise of a shower and a change of clothes does well for the morale of the groomsmen as they take on the challenges of the day.

3. Line that stomach


You heard that right. A glass of milk before heading out not only ensures strong bones and healthy growth, it would also protect your stomach from the wasabi and chilli padi you’ll be eating.

Sometimes some crazy bridesmaids will even give you stuff like an Oreo with toothpaste as the cream-filling. We want to see the bride, not see the MO for Attend C, ok?

4. Do some warm up


Stupid as it sounds, sometimes gate-crashing challenges can be quite physically taxing. Simple ones include doing push-ups or sexy dancing to K-pop song. Complex ones involve carrying the groom around or even forming human pyramids.


Why are we required to do that? I don’t know but the bridesmaids love it.

5. You’ll never get through without playing the games


Don’t bother trying to sweet talk your way through. The bride and bridesmaids want to have their fun so I suggest you make the best of the situation. The games have to be played. May the odds ever be in your favour.

6. Play along


Face it, the challenges thrown at you has nothing to do with ensuring the eternal wedded bliss of the couple, it’s for pure entertainment for the video highlights during the wedding banquet.

But should that piss you off? Do you have to go on an ideological debate with the bridesmaids over the necessity of gate-crashing games? No. So just play along.

7. Play nice


To be perfectly honest, for every gate-crashing horror story you hear, there are tonnes more out there where it was a pleasant and fun experience for both the boys and girls.

So there is no need for guys to be overly competitive or boorish when it comes with dealing with the girls during the gate-crashing. Who knows, one of them may become your future wife or worse, your sister-in-law.


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