National Council on Problem Gambling ad featured on <em>The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon</em>

Officially famous.

Belmont Lay| July 10, 03:01 PM

No. Words. Can. Describe. This.

Super WIN.


In fact, Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show decided to make his own spoof of the anti-gambling ad.

The tagline that read "Kick the habit. Stop problem gambling." is now replaced by "Keep the habit. Gamble."

Fallon also remarked, "How much can there be in a kid's savings? He's 8-years old! My dad spent all my savings. $17.25."

The ad also appeared on Buzzfeed ("This Anti-Gambling Advert Backfired Spectacularly After Germany Thrashed Brazil").

Henceforth, Singapore, the country that bans chewing gum, will now be known as the country that came up with this #Fail anti-gambling ad.


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