The National Council on Problem Gambling World Cup ad is the new Paul the Octopus

Someone could've helped NCPG pick a better team for this ad

Jonathan Lim| June 17, 11:25 AM

Paul the Octopus, a real octopus, rocked World Cup 2010. He became an Internet sensation during that period after he picked the correct winners for 8 out of 8 matches during World Cup 2010, including the finals between Spain and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Paul did not survive long enough to play oracle for World Cup 2014.


Incidentally, today's Google Doodle is Paul the Octopus too.



Source: Google


Google observed that searches for "Paul the Octopus" spiked on last Thursday, and at their highest were 25 times higher than earlier in the month. We suspect many gamblers missed Paul's accurate predictions.

Don't worry, Singapore's very own National Council on Problem Gambling has taken over the reins with their latest ad:

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Poor little Andy has his entire savings taken by his Dad to bet on Germany to win the World Cup.

But of course Andy would've been heartened if he stayed up late last night to catch Germany's first game in the group stages against Portugal.

Germany thumped Portugal 4-0.

And Portugal is no slouch. The Portugese team is captained by FIFA World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo.

In fact, Germany is one of the hot favourites to win the World Cup this year. They have a squad that is mostly made up of players who hail from the wildly successful Bayern Munich coached under former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola.

Andy, I think you needn't be too sad about your savings. Yet.


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