Jurong Bird Park's cockatoo randomly predicts Brazil vs Netherlands World Cup 2014 final

It's all by chance, really. Its track record at picking winners sucks.

Belmont Lay| July 09, 01:06 AM

Sassy, a star cockatoo in the Singapore Jurong Bird Park’s High Flyer Show, was asked to predict the World Cup semi-finals results.

It chose Brazil to beat Germany and the Dutch to beat Argentina.



However, Sassy's previous predictions for the quarter-finals were as good as random:

- Belgium to beat Argentina (Fail)

- Brazil to beat Colombia (Correct)

- Costa Rica to beat the Netherlands (Fail)

- Germany to beat France (Correct)

And there is little wonder why it's only half accurate.

Azhar Nazir, Assistant Manager for the Bird Show Animal Presentation at Jurong Bird Park explained: "Since it's a natural behaviour for a bird to pick up something and bring it back to its nest or in this case to a trainer, we decided to use this as a form of enrichment for Sassy."

This, he said, is to "enhance their lives", and give them "a little more stimulation."

Not to help punters or futurists or whatever people call themselves these days besides "gamblers".


Watch video here:


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