Mothership Q&A: A glimpse of actress Ann Kok

Ann describes plastic surgery as "a play-cheat".

Martino Tan| May 16, 01:47 AM

Who would have expected this?

In February this year, Ann Kok, the evergreen actress and a perennial favourite topic of discussion on local online forums, announced that she wasn't going to renew her contract with MediaCorp when it expires in March.

The 41-year-old actress had been in the television industry for 21 years, won the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes awards eight times in total and considered to be in the same league as Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

With her demise from the electric fish tank, it seemed as if it is an end of an era for many straight guys of her fans.

Hence, it was a relief to see her back so quickly, acting opposite former colleague Christopher Lee on the big screen in the latest local movie, Filial Party. caught up with Ann to talk about her big screen experience, her acting highlights, and her preoccupation with all things Korean (she has a Korean name: 곽서현).


1. Tell us more about your role in the movie Filial party. What was your most difficult scene?

Source: Ann Kok Facebook

Ann Kok: The name of my role is Woo Yishuang. A lawyer who wanted to be a member of parliament. She is a very successful lady who has a loving husband (played by Jimmy Taenaka) & he is also her mentor.

Her mum was not staying with her until she decided to join the filial competition held by Liu Baiwan (played by Mark Lee), because of the misunderstanding they have when her dad committed suicide.

Then, her relationship with her mum turned bad. She took part in the competition not because of the money but for the fame, attention and votes from the public. Basically it's a very difficult role to play so most of the scenes are difficult, haha...


2. You have been acting since 1993. What is your most memorable acting role?


Source: Singapore Drama Review

Ann Kok: There are many memorable ones... from period dramas to comedies... one of the latest would be in the drama It Takes Two, where I played an unkempt lady with thick ugly makeup.


3. Who is the hottest guy whom you have acted with so far? Any dream actor whom you wish to partner in future?

Ann Kok: There's no hottest guy so far!! haha...!! I really hope to act opposite some Korean actors in the near future!! *wink*


4. Share with us your best day and worst day of your life as an actress over the past twenty years.

Ann Kok: Worse day would be lack of sleep & dark eye rings? Best day will be the recognition from the audience!! Thank you!! & I'm hoping to get a recognition from the professionals... which is best performance/ actor award, from anywhere in the world.


5. After all these years, do you get tired of S’poreans talking about the black Dolce and Gabana top in 1996? Will any actress be able to pull off what you did? If yes, who? If no, why?

The iconic black Dolce and Gabana top (Source)

Ann Kok: Haha... nobody talks about that now! They have moved on to the Herve Leger dress last year!


 The Herve Leger dress

Different actresses will express the same outfit differently because of the different faces, makeup & hair. The best is to find something that suits you. I've not seen anyone in the dress I wore so I prefer not to comment. I only know that the Herve Leger piece I wore that night was sold out the next day! I'm glad I've done my part.


6. We know you really admired Korean idol group Big Bang and volunteered to star in their music video during a press conference in 2012. Are you still in contact with them? What were they like off-stage?

Ann Kok: Hahahaha... This question is cute & I like it!!

First of all, I've never been in contact with them in my life although I wish I could!! Then we can have coffee & I can slowly tell you how they are like!! haha...!!

The Big Bang concert press conference I went to was a hook up by the papers. It was actually the boldest thing I've ever done in my life, because I was risking the fact that my idols would be irritated by me -- a local artiste -- and I'll get hates from some of their fans (which I did).

But I told myself since I've decided to pretend to be a reporter, I might as well do my best to entertain everyone at the press conference & do a good job for the papers. There will be people who will understand that that was only an act, an entertainment. Those who don't understand will mostly be crazy fans. There's nothing I can do. After all, I'm an entertainer and I always put in my best when comes to work.


7. What do you think of Korean celebrities who undergo plastic surgery? If given the chance, which body feature would you like to improve the most?

Ann Kok: I used to think that plastic surgery is a play-cheat. But I've changed my mind after watching the Korean plastic surgery variety show Let Me In.

I realised it's so difficult for Koreans to find jobs in Korea, especially when they don't look pleasant... example, lower jaw protrusion, they are ostracised by others.

I don't think that will happen in Singapore. So if undergo plastic surgery helps, I guess it's necessary? As for celebrities, I agree to little plastic surgery if they don't have big problems on their physical looks. They need to enhance a little to look good on screen. It's a common thing in Korea anyway. They don't hide. They admit & I admire that.

But I still don't agree to beauty pageants. Aren't they supposed to be naturally beautiful to be country's/ world's most beautiful? Now that's a play-cheat!! There's nothing I want to change on my face. I believe in beauty comes from the heart. If you have a beautiful heart, your look will grow on people. *wink*


8. You mentioned in TODAY newspaper that there was a big reason behind your decision to leave. Can you share with us some details of this “top secret” new project?

Ann Kok: No, I can't!! Haha.. I gotta be fair! Thank you for being understanding!


9. You mentioned last year that you previously thought of going to a sperm bank so that you can raise a child. Who will be your top three dream donors in Singapore?

Ann Kok and DogSource

Ann Kok: Hmm... Singapore... So far, none. Oops!! haha...


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