Mothership Q&A: A glimpse of actress and director Michelle Chong

Michelle Chong said her real name is Barbarella and she made daily mental notes to shower everyday.

Martino Tan| January 01, 10:14 AM

2013 was a hectic year for 36-year old actress and director Michelle Chong.

Since leaving MediaCorp last year, the star of satirical television comedy The Noose has been busy running her two companies - talent management agency Left Profile and production company Huat Films.

Chong is currently busy promoting her second film, 3 Peas In A Pod, which stars Alexander Lee Eusebio, Calvin Chen and newcomer Jae Liew. 3 Peas In A Pod premiered in Singapore last month and will launch in Malaysia on Jan 16.

Her directorial debut, Already Famous, earned more than $1 million at the local box office when it opened here in December 2011.

According to TODAY newspaper, Chong said she is currently in talks to return to the next season of The Noose. In exchange, she will be able to portray one of her Noose characters, Barbarella, in her next film. catches up with Chong as she shares with us her views on New Year resolutions, and the young talents to watch in 2014.


1. What's your most memorable character you have played so far?

Oh it's hard to pick one because they're all so special and I love them all. What's memorable to the audience is far more important than what's memorable to me! Ask them ask them! I also want to know!


Source: Michelle Chong Facebook


2. Do people actually call you Leticia when they see you on the streets?

Not as much as they call me Lulu. But mostly they call me by my real name Barbarella.


Source: Michelle Chong Facebook, Picture courtesy of @chuaenlai 

3. If you weren't an artist/actress, what would you be?

I would be a filmmaker.

Michelle Directing


4. You have worked with some young starlets over the past year (3 peas in a pod, tv ads, artistes in Left Profile). Who are the young talents we should keep a look out in 2014?

The young talents you should keep a look out for in 2014 are our Left Profile artistes Pornsak, Lee Teng, Alexander Lee Eusebio (from Korea), Chloe Wang Le Yan (from Taiwan) and Jae Liew (female lead of 3 Peas in a Pod)! We are all excited about 2014! Notice I didn't include myself (even though I'm also a Left Profile artiste) because you said young.

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5. What are the New Year resolutions you managed to keep over the years? What is your New Year resolution for 2014?

Hmm.. I never make New Year resolutions but I do make daily mental notes to eat as well as I possibly can and to shower everyday.


Source: Michelle Chong Facebook's Interview series with 2013 newsmakers:

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