Mothership Q&A: A glimpse of DJ Tinc

The popular DJ revealed her favourite local dish and her favourite clubbing venue.

Martino Tan| December 28, 03:51 AM

Co-Written By Deep Chia

DJ Tinc, 22, is one of the most popular young DJs in the local clubbing scene. Well-known for her crowd-pleasing repertoire and a larger than life stage persona, she will often step out of her DJ console to enliven the dance crowd.

The DJ, who spins at Dream and Mink, was featured in the Straits Times Life! as one of the four young up-and-coming club DJs. DJ Tinc, whose real name is Kate Yong, was recently placed 3rd in the Singapore Pioneer DJ Battle and made it to the Top 5 for the Pioneer DJ Live Mix Mistro.

The highly sought after DJ will not be sleeping much on New Year's Eve.

She will be spinning for TV50 at MBS Floating Platform alongside The Wanted and Wang Leehom from 1-3am, before she heads down to Siloso Beach Party  for a set from 4am-6am. speaks to DJ Tinc about her favourite local DJ, her most memorable gig, and her favourite local dish.


1. Who is your favourite local DJ?

Personally I have no favorites but they are couple who I look up to. Zushan from O$P$ is my good buddy and I really love his sounds. Also, DJ Eclipse previously from Zouk. He was the one who inspired me to pursue DJ-ing, and the only one who bothered to entertain me when I was asking questions regarding DJ-ing back then.


Source: DJ Eclipse Facebook Page


2. You spinned at Mink, Dream, and Butter Factory. Which crowd responds the best to your music?

All 3 venues are very different and unique in their own ways. But if I am to choose one, it will have to be Dream. The setting of the club and the vibe of the crowd is simply amazing.


Photo by Harold


3. What’s your most memorable gig so far?

Got to be Tincfest which happened August this year. It was my birthday bash and I did a stage dive for the first time and it was awesome! I even had customized shots done just for me that night!

DJTinc 2

Source: DJ Tinc Facebook Page


4. In Straits Times, you shared that you planned your live performance. If you were invited to spin exclusively for a crowd in their 40s, how would you plan it?

I don't plan my performances. I visualize them in my head before the gig. It is a "pre-performance meditation" for me.

It depends if these 40 year old people are ready to groove or not. Usually I will play some house or deep house just to get them into the mood. You must consider the context of the event as well.


Source: DJ Tinc Facebook Page


5. You mentioned about eating as one of your hobbies. What is your favourite Singaporean dish?

I LOVE chicken rice and fish soup! And the most important element to any dish is good chilli!


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